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If you are a newcomer to the Lake District, this sprinkling of comments from Kingstarn's Visitors' Books over the past 20 years may give you an idea of what's in store - you'll notice that the weather features frequently!:

"Only rained 1 day all week. ...if the dog didn't insist on swimming in the lake we would not have been wet at all" (M & J, Yorkshire)

"Despite loads of rain, we all managed to get a suntan! We had a FANTASTIC week!" (PM, Essex)

"Es war eine schone zeit in diesem Haus" (S von G, Germany)

"Sunburnt in March/April!" (AC, London)

"There is nothing in the States to compare" (JM, Michigan)

"Amazing week. Arrived to a blackout and 100 mph winds.... Have loved being here again!" (C & H, Essex)

"Experienced wind, snow, frost and sun. Climbed Skiddaw, Hellvellyn, High Seat, Dale Head and Cat Bells. Wonderful" (C family, Essex)

"Nous pensons que nos amis anglais ont pris une bonne decision "Nous faire visiter le Lake District". Nous sommes tres contents." (SB, France)

"Desperately tried to wear the dog out but failed!" (PM, Essex).

"We climbed Skiddaw and Dale Head and enjoyed the Lake District very much" (A & R, Rotterdam)

"Found solitude despite the number of people up here. Puppy's 1st holiday and really enjoyed it" (P & H, Essex)

"Plenty of freedom for the children" (JM, Lanarkshire)

"Breathtaking - didn't realise there were such lovely places in England" (LL, Norfolk)

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We took on Kingstarn in 2006, but many of our guests know the house better than we do, as some have been coming for 20 years. Here are some of their comments, which we hope will give newcomers a feel for what Kingstarn has to offer.

"All round comfortable accommodation - you don't come to the same place 7 years in a row unless you are satisfied. Has always improved for the better since 1st visit in 2000"

"Attic room v. popular with the children"

"Very impressed at the recent improvements. Clean, well equipped and very convenient for the centre of Keswick"

"... stayed at Kingstarn for 14 years successively.... We have special memories of a comfortable house which is ideal for the whole family to stay in"

"looking marvellous with the new carpets and redecoration"

"Warm, spacious and well-equipped"

"Particularly pleased with the attic; the youngsters were able to escape from the adults and 'chill'".

"The house is lovely and has everything you need.....very spacious"

"Loads of room - we nicknamed the main bedroom "The Presidential Suite" - plenty of storage and comfy beds"

"Loved the newly fitted bathroom. Altogether a great place to stay for the seven of us. Lots of space and very comfortable"

"The facilities provided were first class and I really can't think of any improvements to be made"

"... great house for a large group - so much space and well equipped"

"Excellent house for 2 families with a total of 4 teenage girls.... enough space so we never got under each others' feet. Very warm and comfortable. Good big family meals ... ample space for us all to sit comfortably in the dining room"

"We always enjoyed the space Kingstarn gave us, and now the upgrade in decor has made it even better. Home from home!!"

"The whole place is fine. Keep it up, we like it as it is!"

"Things just continue to get better as the children grow up in their 'Home in Keswick'"

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fail to enjoy a holiday at Kingstarn .. be warned, many have tried and failed in the past!"

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and here are some comments from 2010-2013:

"Fantastic house in a lovely town which suited us all" (PG, Herts)

"Everything Ace, as usual!" (McC family, Doncaster)

"Kingstarn is a great base - could have done with wi-fi" (L & O families, Cambs) [Wi-fi is now installed!]

"A lovely Christmassy week, great place to stay, very clean, well-equipped and comfortable" (G & P families, Sheffield)

"Spacious - additional extras are special, eg walking books, all mod cons. Grrrreat place to spend New Year - we loved it" (H, A & C families, Perth & Edinburgh)

"Had a great New Year. House very comfortable, loads of room & short of nothing!" (T families, Barnsley)

"I've been coming to this house on and off my whole life; I can't wait to bring the next generation to this fantastic house that feels like our home" (MD, Cambridge)

"Great week of hiking in this beautiful location. First time back in the UK for the whole family for 15 years. We look forward to returning!" (McC families, Maryland, USA)

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and finally, some observations from the younger generation:

"This actually was not a bad holiday. Christmas was very cool" (SW, Durham)

"I loved the attic room" (OW, Suffolk)

"It was cold, but still a laff... Had a gr8 tym - be bk nxt year" (RH & JM, Northumberland)

"I had a brill time, coming to stay again deffinately!" (A, Sussex)

"I think I had the best holiday out of us all, you've got to go to the Leisure Pool it has a slide and a wave pool" (A, Durham)

"Ace time. It was mega fun. Shame to leave" (RU, Suffolk)


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